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As a provider of high quality professional Datacentre services we are specialise in Datacentre Design, Build, Operation, Transition and Transformation, Automation, Strategy, Process, Standards, Change, Risk, Datacentre Services, Optimization, Implementation, Rationalisation and Consolidation.

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Specialist Datacentre Services

Our range of high quality professional Datacentre services that we have designed will help your company reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a simple server installation, a decommission project or complete overhaul of the Datacentre strategy, we have it covered. We are here to work with you to achieve your Business strategy through optimisation, rationalisation, transition, transformation, implementation and IMACD (Installs, Moves, Adds Change, and Decommissions).

Implementation • Optimisation • Automation

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver high quality professional datacentre services, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Datacentre Services

Your datacentre hosts your critical I.T. Systems which are the foundation to your business strategy


Cabling refresh, patch panels and in rack patching can get out of control over time. A fresh set of eyes can help see the patches that are in use and those that are not. Those that are not can be removed and this can recover ports and patch cords. What about the End of Life IT kit that remains within the environment? A refresh programme and any decommissions can take care of any End of Life kit.


Your datacentre is a high value resource. Replenishing its tools and technologies, parts, cables, cage nuts and bolts, blanking panels, cable management panels and so on can mean the difference of meeting a deadline for an install. Keeping the right accessories and stock on site allows projects to be delivered smoothly and seamlessly. The Rack and Cable Company can restack, refresh and replenishment your datacentre effectively and efficiently.


Has the IT kit in the racks become sparsely spaced over time with unequal spacing between hardware? This could mean that new hardware may not easily fit into the rack space. Why not co-ordinate a restack to re-order the kit in the rack. Blank out the vacant Us’ with blanking panels. A restack can allow for rackspace to be consolidated and more U space per rack per room can be recovered for future use. This can also be performed through a room refurbishment.

Datacentre Implementation

Implementation - IMACD

From a simple patch to a complex installation and implementation, we can do all the rack stack, patch, energise, documentation and then handover to the wider team for configs and production. We can adhere to all Change Management procedures, whether the projects is a Large Rack Install, Major IT Implementations, Technology Refresh, Structured Cabling or Patching. Our high quality professional datacentre services are here to help you achieve your business objectives.


The datacentre and its IT Assets needs accurate documentation such as campus, building, & floor plans, rack elevations, wire maps and patching schedules. This aids BAU and projects that in turn enhance and optimise the your datacentre services. Accuracy of other important documentation includes;

  • Proof of Delivery (PoD) of IT Hardware
  • Records that show the secure storage of the IT Assets whilst in secure stores
  • Chain of Custody (CoC) as assets pass between persons, teams and buildings that allow tracking and traceability
  • Decommissioning of Hardware

Secure storage of and the maintaining of all relevant documentation/records until a disposal event is scheduled is vital. A documentation trail concludes when; 

  • All of the decommissioned IT Assets are disposed of by the ITAD Vendor
  • HDDs and SSDs are destroyed on site, beyond an unrecoverable state, resulting in and evidenced by a Certificate of Destruction.


This list of documentation is key to the ‘end to end’ (Cradle to Grave) management of IT Hardware from Proof of Delivery, through to the receipt of a Certificate of Destruction. Compliance with data protection and security provides the best assurance against data breaches.

Decommission - IMACD

IT Equipment has a limited lifetime and there will come a time when you will need to refresh your physical IT assets. From a simple server removal through to a complex rack, row and room decommission. We can do all the derack, unstack, unpatch and de-energise, reclaiming the space, power and ports for the new systems.

But what can you do with the decommissioned IT equipment and data bearing media? Hard disks, solid state drives, flash cards store critical and vital company data that is a valuable asset which you don’t want it to end up in wrong hands.

The Rack and Cable Company can securely and proactively decommission all the required hardware, list, log and securely store the IT Equipment in readiness for a partner company to attend site and collect it for disposal or destroy hard-drives on site, witnessed by an SC cleared and approved person.

Decommissioning IT Hardware takes one of two paths;

  1. Retain the hardware for re-use
  2. Disposal and destruction

Data is a Key Asset

IT assets inherently processes, persistently stores and transmits and receives data which is key asset, and needs to be secured, protected and destroyed beyond any form of recoverability when IT Systems reach end of life, end of support or if they become faulty.

We can separate the data bearing devices from the parent hosts whilst maintaining the relationship throughout using an audit trail and record keeping. Any data bearing devices, including but not limited to HDDs, SSDs, USBs are securely processed so that they can be stored for re-use if required, or more likely, destroyed on site. Our team will bear witness to the destruction process, ensuring that all non-data bearing devices are securely logged and listed. Once these processes have been completed the devices are then passed to a specialist vendor, for the secure transportation to their appointed depot for processing.

The Rack and Cable Company can proactively manage the whole decommission process, including validation, verification and data centre asset decommissioning. We will also oversee and supervise 3rd party IT Asset disposal vendors and reconcile all decommissioned assets as they are destroyed or disposed of.


As with most assets, control and management can get out of hand. Regular and frequent audits can keep a check on all processes, procedures, assets and inventory ensuring the Datacentre remains optimized throughout its productive lifetime.

Datacentre Optimisation

Electrical Power Optimisation

Electrical power is likely to be a large bill second to the floor space where the IT Load is located. We can evaluate how and where the power is needed to maximise utilisation. Power optimisation may lead to better use of this resource and keep costs low.

The Cooling

Optimising the cooling to ensure it reaches the I.T efficiently can significantly increase datacentre performance and productivity. How is the cooling delivered, hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, hot aisle/cold aisle containment are all cooling options available that can assist in the long term optimisation of the datacentre which may provide performance improvements and reduce unnecessary costs.

Your Space

Space is a key resource and it requires meticulous planning to ensure every room, row, rack and U position is optimally utilised. Irregular rack positions and server deployments may lead to unnecessary and poor installation practices that in turn costs to put right if not managed or controlled appropriately.

Structured Cabling Systems

Simple cable patches to a complex structured cabling installation and implementation may improve and increase connectivity, decrease latency, improve troubleshooting and diagnostics within the datacentre. Without connectivity, there is no communication to the outside world. Having the right structured cabling system in place will help you respond to growth in an instant.

Datacentre Automation

Datacentre Performance Management

Managing datacentre performance is key when running a business. An automated datacentres’ performance can be monitored through systems that will alert the engineers for a prompt response should an event occur that impacts the performance of the datacentre.

Datacentre Demand And Capacity

Performance may be impacted if capacity cannot keep up with demand. New installs may be hindered if space, power, connectivity and cooling are used up. We can help the automation process to ensure the datacentre remains in service to the business by generating, creating and implementing reporting tools and processes that enable capacity to meet demand. Remain ahead of the curve, forecast accurately.

Datacentre Monitoring And Alerts

Receiving timely alerts from monitoring systems could mean the aversion of an incident, outage or impact to the Datacentre. We are able to help select a balanced monitoring system that will allow the datacentre teams to keep a finger on the pulse and pro-actively address any issues before they materialise into incidents thereby keeping the datacentre online for business.

Datacentre Future Growth

The future growth of the datacentre needs to align with the business and when the business experiences growth, the datacentre should be able to grow with it. Whether this means decommissioning legacy systems and implementing virtualisation and other technologies or procuring additional power and space, automation may help in making the right decisions. See the future and respond accordingly. Call us to talk more on this service or for any of our other high quality professional datacentre services.

Awards & Accreditations

Standards & Technology

Datacentre Standards & Practices

Following and adhering to the most current standards and Datacentre best practices means that your Datacentre will be maintained to the highest calibre and quality of Datacentre facilities through the highest level of quality assurance, SLAs and KPIs.

The best practices and processes ensure that all who work on the facility will have a Right First Time approach and that a smooth and seamless operation will flow.  All Datacentre Practices, whether installations or decommissions have the highest levels of Quality Assurance to give confidence to the customer.

For more information about our high quality professional datacentre services please contact us.

Tools and Technology

Any datacentre can be significantly improved in terms of its operations and performance with the right toolset and the relevant technology.

Balancing tools and technology allows the Datacentre users to get the most from the facility in its entirety. Stretching the datacentre with the tools and technology will have a significant impact on the Return on Investment that has been placed.

Through the use of DCIM, DCAM, Inventory, Audit, Database, MS-Excel, MS Access, visibility into what is happening in the datacentre becomes clear.

No datacentre user should be blind as to whats happening within the datacentre environment. Have the facts, have the statistics and have the reporting that will enable you to make the right business decisions.

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High quality professional datacentre services YOU CAN RELY ON

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